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Listing Price
Traditional Charge*

* Traditional MLS® brokerages charge 3.5% of the first $100,000 and 1.5% of the balance of the sale price for their listing services. Not all traditional MLS® brokerages charge the same. ** Only show the savings of the listing service charges.

Turn High Commissions into Fair Commissions!

Selling a property can be a complex and costly process, with expenses such as commission fees often surprising home sellers. In Calgary, the typical commission fee is 7% of the first $100,000 and an additional 3% of the remaining sale price, split between the listing and buying brokerages. However, at Fair Commissions, we offer a more cost-effective option, charging a fixed fee of $999 or $4,200 plus GST, while still providing top-notch representation and support for sellers.

What Is Mere Posting Package? 

A "Mere Posting" is a type of client relationship in which a real estate professional provides limited services. This typically includes only submitting the listing to be posted on a Member Board's MLS® System. Due to the limited nature of these services, the traditional commission-based remuneration has been replaced with a small, upfront flat fee. This is a cost-effective option for DIY sellers.

At Fair Commissions Realty, we have expanded upon the traditional mere posting service by adding additional services such as professional photography and measurement, a list of comparable sold properties, market updates, legal document templates, and customer service. All of these services are included in our mere posting service.

What Is Full Service Package?


If you're looking to get more coverage for your home sale, we have a comprehensive package for you. In addition to the services provided in our basic listing package, our full-service package includes agency representation, including in-home consultation, evaluation, a for-sale sign and REALTOR® lockbox, coordination of REALTOR® showings, preparation of all transaction documents, review and negotiation of offers, deposit holding, conveyancing to a lawyer, and ongoing liaison throughout the selling process. Plus, you'll pay a discounted commission for our listing service if your home successfully sells. And, if your home doesn't sell, you pay nothing!

With our full-service package, you'll save thousands on traditional fees and commissions. Choosing our discounted commission listing service is simply a wise decision.


Package1 Mere Posting $999
Package2 Full Service $4,200
MLS® Listing on
Professional Photography
Professional Measurement
List of Comparable SOLD Properties
Legal Document Templates
Customer Service 7/24
Market Update
For-Sale Sign & REALTOR® Lockbox
Optional $199 for 3 Months
In-Home Consultation
Optional $199
Home Evaluation by REALTOR®
Coordinate REALTOR® showings
Prepare All Transaction Documents
Review and Negotiate Offer to Purchase
Hold Deposit in Trust
Conveyancing Transaction to Lawyer
Liaison throughout Selling Process
Pay upon Sale
Pay up front

How About Buy's REALTOR®? To Lower Or Not To Lower?

As above-mentioned, typically, a home seller pays the commission to both the listing and buyer's brokerages. We have reduced our listing charge, how about the commission to the buyer's brokerage? 


While other discount commission realty companies suggest other pricing strategies to their sellers, like paying $3,500 plus GST for properties less than $700,000 or just 1% of the sale price plus GST, the industry tradition is 3.5% of the first $100,000 then 1.5% of the balance of the sale price plus GST. We strongly advise sellers to stick with the 3.5% and 1.5% rule of thumb. While it’s your decision, you can make sure you enjoy the same listing positions as others with equal exposure. Our goal is to help you sell for the highest possible price, so please rest assured that we keep your best intentions at heart with every piece of advice we give you.

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