* Traditional MLS® brokerages charge 3.5% of the first $100,000 and 1.5% of the balance of the sale price for their listing services. Not all traditional MLS® brokerages charge the same. ** Only show the savings of the listing service charges, sellers decide the commissions payable to the buyer brokerages.

Turn High Commissions into Fair Commissions!

Selling a property isn’t as easy as, well, selling a property. The process is packed with plenty of other expenses nobody warns you about, including costly commissions. In Calgary, most home sellers typically have to pay 7% of the first $100,000, and a further 3% of the balance of the sale price to both the listing and buying brokerages. Both brokerages enjoy an equal share of the pie. This traditional process can really set you back a pretty penny - we’re talking tens of thousands.

At Fair Commissions, we do things differently - rewarding you for choosing the smarter way to sell your home in Calgary. We proudly represent and support sellers by charging a fixed amount of just $3,200 or $4,200 plus GST.

Option 1



  • Upfront payment, Non-refundable

  • Pay nothing more

  • Up to $300 on us for professional photography and measurement services

Option 2



  • Pay nothing to list your property

  • Pay upon sale

  • No sale = No Fee!

  • Up to $300 allowance for professional photography and measurement services

Even if you were to choose the latter option and your house did sell, you’d still save tens of thousands on traditional fees and commissions. If you ask us, using our discount commission listing service just makes sense.


The thing is, whether properties are sold at higher or lower prices, our workload doesn’t differ much. The documentation and procedures are stock standard, so why would we charge you more for a higher selling price?


What sets Fair Commissions apart is the allowance we give sellers of up to $300 for professional photography and measurement services, so you can enjoy maximum exposure for your property. If the home doesn’t sell, and you decide to turn it into a rental opportunity, Fair Commissions will give you complimentary property management services for three months, free of charge.


Our industry-leading listing service is one of a kind, arming you with everything you need to maximize your chances of a successful sale, including:


  • Full agency representation

  • MLS® listing agreement drafting and execution

  • Listings on all popular property websites (E.g. MLS, Zillow and Realtor.ca)

  • In-home consultation & Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)  by a REALTOR®

  • Professional digital photos + measurements

  • Signage and SentriLock lockbox services

  • Property showings

  • Buyer follow-ups

  • Terms + conditions negotiation

  • Purchase contract + amendments

  • Management of all paperwork

  • Possession assistance

  • Open house hosting



There’s a reason so many home sellers in Calgary choose Fair Commissions, every time. Contact us via email, Eric@FairCommissionsRealty.com, or use the “Book Online” page to schedule an appointment with us. You can also fill out the form on our home page. We look forward to meeting you soon.


Like above-mentioned, typically, a home seller pays the commission to both the listing and buyer's brokerages. We have reduced our listing charge, how about the commission to the buyer's brokerage? 


While other discount commission realty companies suggest other pricing strategies to their sellers, like paying $3,500 plus GST for properties less than $700,000 or just 1% of the sale price plus GST, the industry tradition is 3.5% of the first $100,000 then 1.5% of the balance of the sale price plus GST. We strongly advise sellers to stick with the 3.5% and 1.5% rule of thumb. While it’s your decision, you can make sure you enjoy the same listing positions as others with equal exposure. Our goal is to help you sell for the highest possible price, so please rest assured that we keep your best intentions at heart with every piece of advice we give you.

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