Professional MLS® Service, Discount Commission, Flat Listing Charge

* Traditional MLS® brokerages charge 3.5% of the first $100,000 and 1.5% of the balance of the sale price for their listing services. Not all traditional MLS® brokerages charge the same. ** Only show the savings of the listing service charges, sellers decide the commissions payable to the buyer brokerages.

Why Fair Commissions?


Because FAIR is FAIR... At Fair Commissions, we do things differently. While you could choose one of the many other realty companies out there, no-one helps you save as we do. As a full-service discount commission realty company in Calgary, we work with sellers, buyers, and landlords to help them get the biggest value for money - taking thousands off your expenses. With Fair Commissions, buyers get cashback, sellers enjoy discount commission, and landlords score with unbeatable property management fees.

Clearly, Fair Commissions is the obvious choice for realty trading and property management in Calgary. Get in touch to start exploring your options today!

Grab a share of our commissions!

Get 50%* cashback of the commission earned on your purchase, applicable when you buy a property within your first 20 showings.

First 40 showings: 25%* of the commission.

40+ showings: 10%* of the commission.


* Learn more on our BUYERS page today!


Package1: Mere Posting - Pay as low as  $799up front. No hidden charges. Best for DIY sellers.

Package 2: Full Service Listing - Pay a flat & discounted commission $4,200*. Pay upon sale. No sale = No Fee!


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