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New Mere Posting Service - Listing Your Property on MLS® / at $999

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

“Mere Postings” fall into a client relationship in which the real estate professional gives limited service. A “Mere Posting” is a listing on a Member Board’s MLS® System where the member has chosen or agreed not to provide services to

the seller other than to submit the listing for posting on MLS®. AS a result of the very definable work that a REALTOR® does for a mere posting, the traditional commission-based remuneration has given way to a comparatively small “pay in advance” flat fee. This is the best option for DIY sellers in a cost-effective way.

Simply speaking, a real estate brokerage provides a mere posting service means to upload your listing to MLS® System / only without other obligations.

At Fair Commissions Realty, we extended mere posting by adding more services into it. Other than uploading your listing to MLS® System /, you get more, in-home consultation, professional photography and measurement, list of comparable sold properties, market updates, legal document templates, and customer service. All are included.

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