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Welcome to Fair Commissions Realty, Serving Calgary Area

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

We provide professional full MLS service with a discounted commission starting from $999 for sellers, and cashback to buyers up to 50% of the selling commissions.

Why we are different?

Because FAIR is FAIR... At Fair Commissions, we do things differently. While you could choose one of the many other realty companies out there, no-one helps you save as we do. As a full-service discount commission realty company in Calgary, we work with sellers, buyers, and landlords to help them get the biggest value for money - taking thousands off your expenses. With Fair Commissions, buyers get cashback, sellers enjoy discount commission, and landlords score with unbeatable property management fees.

Clearly, Fair Commissions is the obvious choice for realty trading and property management in Calgary. Get in touch to start exploring your options today!

Check our website,, find more information!

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